Found Art

Anyone who has read my blog knows my fondnesses (films starring puppets, a good cry) and peeves (Tom Cruise, people famous for nothing). But only a few of you know about my special interest in art.

No, it's not Lindsay Lohan's mug shot, though it is equally hot.

Feast your eyes on the very special sight that is Ebay Toy Auction Portraiture. To enter this realm of the unreal, first you have to be strange enough to be interested in used dolls on Ebay, coupled with a love/hate feeling about dolls in the first place. As Hollywood becomes more plastic, static, and botoxed, this portrait of a 1970's Farrah Faucet Charlie's Angels doll (sold "nude, as is") takes on a deeper poignance. Or at least that's how I will sell it to the fat cats at my gallery show someday.

There is something creepily beautiful about these pictures- the way they are usually photographed (a cropped headshot) makes them suggestive of a portrait. From a distance, you have to sort of look twice. Think of the person who spent their time posing these dolls for sale online. These are no doubt normal people ( I have done similar things myself for ebay) but there is something so strange about it that makes it entertaining. Or creepy.

1970's Farrah, nude, as is, sadly walking around her apartment. There is no telling what the hair was once like, if it was always this post-coital or like the real Farrah's.

Is this a gorgeous art effect? Yes and no- it's accidental art created by someone putting poor Farrah in the scanner (light table?). Their strangeness is the obscure toy art world's gain.